Polyethylene pipe is the master material for all your irrigation, water and wastewater pipeline systems and applications.

Advantages of using polyethylene as your pipeline:

  • Cost effective installation techniques no sand bedding required.
  • Butt welding forms one rigid pipeline eliminating potential leaks from joints
  • High impact and abrasion resistance tough and durable
  • Long life with low whole life costs
  • Corrosion free - requires no protective layers for finishing processes
  • High flow capacity - diameters ranging from 160mm to 1000mm available
  • Pressure ratings up to PN20 (200m / 2000 kPa / 290 psi) available
  • UV stabilised
  • Smooth hydraulic flow characteristics (low friction losses and scale build up)
  • Wide range of standard or fabricated fittings available.
  • Lengths of up to 22m available (12 and 18m standard lengths)
  • Flexibility does not have to be laid to grade and will fit the given surface profile and absorb any ground movements. Poly can be fabricated to just about any shape or design, whether it be your or ours.
  • Light weight allowing for easy handling
  • Competitively priced compared with other pipeline materials such as Concrete, Ductile Iron, PVC and Steel.

Archards Irrigation is one of the largest stockists of Vinidex polyethylene pipe in Australia, ensuring you get the most competitive price for your pipeline.

Archards Irrigation also provides on-site butt, fusion and slug welding services for poly pipelines from 160mm up to 1000mm in diameter.