Pipe & Riser Systems

Total Eden has developed a highly efficient, productive and cost efficient water delivery system known as the Pipe & Riser.

Over 150 of these systems have been installed by Archards Irrigation throughout Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

The Pipe & Riser system replaces on farm channels with a piped network, where risers replace existing bay outlets.

The pipe and riser network, in most cases, can share pumping activities and costs with a reuse pump.

The system can be manually operated, semi-automated or fully automated with computer control and monitoring.

The Pipe & Riser system, when modelled against open channel systems, indicates a return to black from initial capital outlay including operational costs and maintenance expenses after three to five years.

Archards Irrigation are one of the few manufacturers that manufacture outlets, sheds, pumps all in house utilising our fully qualified and accredited welders.

Advantages of installing a pipe & riser system are:

  • Water savings on perennial pastures of up to 25%
  • Increased productions per hectare (up to 10%) resulting from precise control and accuracy of watering
  • Enables almost total coverage of arable land
  • Pipeline flexibility allows efficient coverage of any farm shape
  • Faster and predictable bay watering operation
  • Elimination of water losses and seepage from farm channels
  • Labour costs greatly reduced due to reduced maintenance and simplicity of watering
  • Low operational costs resulting from low pressure heads
  • Long operation life

Feedback from irrigators who have installed Pipe & Riser systems is very positive:

  • We cant wait to do the rest of the farm
  • No more channels to maintain or leak
  • The most sensible investment we have made in years
  • We saved over 30 mega litres of water from first channel fill
  • Water is now available in the area where its
    required straight away