Total Eden have a range of portable and fixed automation solutions for the flood Irrigation market.

The portable units have the ability to be transferred from one location to another across the farm to control a range of flood irrigation bays and supply channels. Archards Irrigation have 3 types of units in the Ontime range in the following configurations:

  • Timer Based
  • Remote Radio
  • Cloud Based
  • End of Bay sensors

Archards Irrigation can also supply and install soil moisture monitoring equipment and software. This equipment gives irrigators greater control on when and where water is required.

Timer Based

Our timer based system consists of portable stainless steel constructed frame and controls that are based on a start time and irrigation duration. The duration of the watering cycle can be manually changed at any time. The timer based system is an entry level unit which suits most flood irrigation needs. Each individual outlet is controlled by its own start time.

Remote Radio

The remote radio base system incorporates a base station radio and software which is connected to the portable units by a meshed radio network. Irrigation schedules are set via the software and any amendments are also made by the software program. Pump control can also be incorporated as a part of the software package. Where internet is available at the base radio this system has the ability to be controlled via a web interface.

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Cloud Based

Cloud based technology allows remote programming of the irrigation schedule from any web ready device. The platform allows the operator to schedule, control and monitor our units and pumps from a smart phone or tablet device.

Both the radio and cloud based units have a standalone solar charging system installed and are fully portable.
These units can be adapted to many styles of Irrigation outlets.

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End of Bay Sensors

We can supply End of Bay wetting front sensors that will alert irrigators when a predetermined point has been reached in an irrigation bay. The alert can be in the form of an SMS or alternately can be configured to work in conjunction with our Radio based automation system to automatically adjust the current irrigation schedule closing one bay then opening the next. This sensor can also be used to monitor a channel level.

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